About the Owner

Mike Knudson is the owner of Battle 2 Balance, a company dedicated to supporting veterans facing mental health challenges and preventing suicide within the veteran community. With a strong background, Mike’s journey began when he enlisted in the military immediately after high school. Serving in crucial roles, he was part of the Infantry in Iraq and worked as a Combat Engineer in Afghanistan. During his military career, Mike also served as a suicide prevention advocate, emphasizing his commitment to supporting fellow soldiers and promoting mental health awareness.

After years of service, Mike pursued higher education and obtained a Building Construction Management degree from UW-Platteville. He then gained valuable experience in the construction and maintenance field. However, facing personal struggles with mental health after his deployments and experiencing the loss of friends to suicide, Mike decided to take action. He founded Battle 2 Balance to

provide resources and support to veterans dealing with mental health challenges and address the issue of suicide prevention within the veteran community.

Throughout the development of Battle 2 Balance, Mike recognized the lack of resources available during his own difficult times. This realization prompted him to reach out to other organizations assisting veterans and compile all relevant information into an easily accessible platform. Originally focused on the mid-west region, he expanded the resources nationwide after discovering numerous exceptional programs.

In addition to his work with Battle 2 Balance, Mike actively gives back to his community by volunteering with local organizations. This allows him to stay informed about veterans’ needs and remain updated on the various programs available to help them.

Mike’s journey from growing up on a farm in Wisconsin to his military service, personal struggles, and the creation of Battle 2 Balance demonstrate his resilience, compassion, and dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of veterans. His ongoing efforts to provide support and resources to those who have served our country are commendable and have the potential to save lives and improve the well-being of countless individuals.